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We’re the 24hr organic dairy people

Dairy to your door

Disrupting the dairy world

Wholesome, old school, thick and dreamy dairy is our religion. From our wild, family-run farm in the beating heart of Dorset, we’ve created a creamy cult to worship non-industrial, eco-friendly, low volume, high taste and guilt-free dairy production. We believe passionately that cheap food costs the earth, so we only sell our delicious products direct to the public.

Udderly fresh organic products delivered direct to your door

Our organic milk is our nectar and the essence of life to our dairy line up. Gently pasteurised, unhomogenised milk, sold directly to you, is nostalgic in the glass, but forward-thinking for our planet. Pour it fresh from a reuseable glass bottle.

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Daring to be
different in dairy

We’re leading the way by taking organic dairy farming to the next level. We’re changing UK organic farming by milking once a day, only feeding our girls on grass and doing everything we can to respect our beautiful cows and glorious environment. Each Hollis Mead organic dairy creation celebrates a love of life, taste and the environment.

Hollis Mead won't cost the earth

We’re rebelling against modern farming practices that guzzle up our beautiful country’s resources to produce cheap milk. Organic is just our starting point; we’re lovers of all things wild – life, nature, animal, and Earth. Our dairy is GUILT-FREE.

Dairy to your door
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We are revolutionising dairy production and distribution.

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Getting rid of plastic waste

Becoming a refill nation means lowering the carbon footprint

We’ve said no to an outdated and unthoughtful dairy process by cutting out the middlemen.
Fresh, organic milk on tap 24/7, dispensed directly by customers into refillable, reusable glass bottles – legendairy!

plastic cartons saved per day

Hollis Mead organic dairy to your door

We understand that sometimes it’s nice to be the cat that got the cream. Our organic dairy bundles are full of Hollis Mead goodies and can be regularly delivered directly to your doorstep.

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Available Packages

‘Cream of the Crop’ Weekly Dairy Bundle
Our deliciously creamy, organic dairy products all in one beautiful bundle – delivered to your door! A dollop of yogurt, a slather of hand rolled butter, a gulp of milk and a splash of good old-fashioned cream has never been easier. Having a wholesome fridge full of Hollis Mead is simply a click away. Think of us as your ‘Dairy Godmother’! Bundle includes 2 x Organic Milk, 2 x Natural Yogurt, 1 x Organic Cream, 1 x Salted Butter

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Available Packages


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Available Packages

Monthly Kefir Bundle
The ‘Champagne of Milk’ delivered directly to you on a monthly basis. Our Organic Kefir really is something special – it’s our wonder product, which has you unashamedly shouting ‘Eureka!’ after each sip. Packed full of probiotics and health benefits which outshine mainstream yogurt by a country mile. Receive 4 bottles of our finest Kefir in this indulgently good subscription.

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How does it work?

Our loveable Dairy Rebels will bring you a box full of delicious Hollis Mead organic goodies. No worries if you’re not home, we’ll find a safe place to leave it.

You’ll discover the wonderful world of our organic dairy products with our delicious recipe cards included.

Going away? Don’t want dairy delivered each week? You have udder control and can pause deliveries whenever you need.